Training communication professionals to become strategy leaders.

A proven global leader in its field, EMScom at USI Università della Svizzera italiana, prepares you by widening your global and strategic communication mindset, guaranteeing your success in an executive environment.

Is the EMScom for you?

Are you expected to contribute to your organization’s corporate strategy and you feel you do not have the right tools?
Are you a communication professional subject to the increasing pressure of the market and of your organization?
Are you tackled daily by corporate communication challenges?
If the answer is “yes!” the EMScom is the right choice for you!

Benefits of the EMScom?

  • Immediate application in the organization.
  • Knowledge exchange with senior communicators, thus bringing new insights into your organization.
  • Solving complex problems with strong conceptual and methodological frameworks.
  • Strategic session in Singapore and Los Angeles: a truly global perspective
  • Compact format, with minimal time away for the candidate.
  • Being part of a strong and international alumni network.
  • Participation in a long standing well establish executive program.
  • Kathrin Gasser
    Swiss I Head of Content Management at Kaufmännischer Verband Schweiz | Switzerland

    "I chosed the EMScom because I was looking for a strategic communication program. The EMScom promised me I would learn aspects of strategic communication management across different communication disciplines and how to link these to corporate strategy. The program really kept its promise."

  • Martin Luginbühl
    Swiss I Project Manager F1 Sponsorship at UBS | Switzerland

    "I applied to the EMScom program because I needed a more strategic, managerial and international approach to communication in order to move from a local family business to a large corporate structure. I feel the program met my expectations in every way, not only on a professional level but also on a more social level. It is definitely a life-changing experience."

  • Fernando Zarur
    Brazilian I Outreach Manager, Membership Services at Internet Society | Switzerland

    "The EMScom is the perfect answer for me. It offers the advantages of an MBA whilst giving me a stronger base in communications management."

  • Sharon Tang
    Chinese I Senior Director, Strategic Communications and CSR, AEMEA at Hershey Company | Chinese

    "I regard this program as one of the best in Communication academia. First, it is the one of very few Executive Masters program designed for communications professional in the world. The takeaways and implications are extremely beneficial for us experienced leaders in PR field to pursue another level of success in the career enhancement."

  • Mian Shahzad Khalid
    Pakistani | Director Marketing & Communications at United Snacks Ltd. | Pakistan

    "EMScom is something i feel proud of and I am glad I took the bold decision of joining it. I am a new man, I have so much more experience now. I would recommend the EMScom, it's something every professional in communication should look foward. I love to be part of this program!"

  • Kathryn Robertson
    British | Head of Sector, Media Relations and Marketing at European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) | Portugal

    "The EMScom program opened up a new chapter in my life and a whole new world. The ‘mini-MBA’ module at the outset quickly brought into focus the relationship between communication and management, with sessions at SMU and UCLA providing an invaluable international dimension. Ultimately the experience has helped me see my organisation with new eyes."

  • Elizabeth Soguel
    Canadian | Account Manager at PowerStream Inc. | Canada

    "I chose the EMScom program for the global perspective it offers. Coming from abroad there were other similar programs offered in my country, but none of them offered the option to study in three different countries with such a diverse facility and colleagues.  Another reason I chose EMScom was the classroom style learning and having the ability to come together with a global facility and participants and learn collaborative together, as opposed to online learning."

  • Mohammed Mubarak Al Hassani
    Omani | Chief Communication Officer at The Zubair Corporation | Oman

    "The EMScom program changed my way of doing communication. Since I started the program a lot of changes have happened in the communication department I am running: it became bigger, more powerful. It is no longer about advertising or media relations, it is about doing strategic work for the organization. And the organization has started to realize the benefits they are getting and the investment they have done in my education."

  • Carolin Hoyer
    German | Corporate Brand and Sustainable Business Manager at Unilever | Germany

    "What is great about the EMScom program is the international faculty from different business schools and universities. On top of that, there are many business visits and external guest speakers, which really add value and another level of external orientation to the program. The EMScom program is a very rich experience. Yes, it’s a challenge to combine courses, exams and the consulting project with the reality we all face at home. But the reward is huge, for example in being able to apply what we have learnt directly in our job."

  • Jörg Polzer
    German | Head of Corporate Communications at IWC Schaffhausen | Switzerland

    "The EMScom enabled me to complete the knowledge in most relevant areas of my work and added key management skills. I enjoy the international environment and the inputs I get from my fellow colleagues. We have a wonderful atmosphere in class."

  • Bodil Ericcson Torp
    Swedish | CEO at Aller Media AB | Sweden

    "The EMScom program isn’t just about listening to lectures; it’s about learning by doing and by engaging in exchanges with communications colleagues from many countries and backgrounds."

  • Dirk De Muynck
    Belgian | Communication Consultant | Belgium

    "After a week at EMScom, a lot of inspiring ideas come to me during the flight back home to Belgium. I return home with a short list of what I’ve learned, what I want to take action on and what I want to learn more about, and this makes me look  forward to the next EMScom session."

  • Marion Schumacher
    German | Director Corporate Communications at AVENTICS | Germany

    "I can already see that the EMScom program is an environment of excellence, from the way the program is managed and the selection of faculty and curriculum to the program format and opportunities to exchange insights and best practices with my EMScom classmates."

  • Michele Tesoro-Tess
    Italian | Managing Director Reputation Institute Italy, Switzerland & Middle East | Italy

    "Coming from a consulting background, I especially appreciate the exchanges of professional experiences with peers and the perspective they bring."

  • Olesya Winkler
    Russian | Communication Consultant | Czech Republic

    "The EMScom program is a unique opportunity to exchange best practices, profit from multi-cultural environment and just enjoy being a student again. The biggest value of the programme is its relevance to a modern fast changing communication world. You can implement at work what you studied in the classroom as soon as you actually left USI and arrived to your office."


Module 1: Linking communication to management

The first module, a “mini-MBA,” covers the main principles of general management and provides the elements to understand the links between communication and other corporate functions.

  • Kick-off
  • Organizational behavior
  • Strategic thinking
  • Financial management
  • Understanding Asia (session at Singapore Management University, Singapore)

    / Societies, communities and governments across Asia
    / Leading organizations across cultures
    / Application sessions
  • Decision making in a complex world (session at UCLA Anderson School of Management, Los Angeles)

    / Fostering perceptions of fairness in complex organizational decision-making
    / Decision making in negotiation
    / Global human resources management
    / Complexity and dynamism in the global economy
    / Corporate governance to improve an organization's ability to make the right decisions
    / Integration sessions

Module 2: Understanding the communication environment and managing integrated communication

The second module focuses on developing a comprehensive understanding of the key disciplines of integrated communications management.

  • Organizational identity and reputation management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Brand management
  • Public affairs
  • Financial and investor relations
  • Sponsoring and marketing partnerships
  • ​Digital communication
  • Marketing communications
  • Crisis management
  • Communication law
  • Change management
  • Persuasion
  • Leadership

Module 3: Building intelligence and delivering solutions

The third module focuses on learning how to generate and convey insights as a basis for strategic recommendations and applying knowledge in a real-life setting.

  • Research methods for corporate communication
  • Quantitative methods (online course)
  • Team building
  • Capstone consulting project
    This project takes place over a period of 9 month, from January to September of the second year. The projects are selected from proposals that participants draw from their own organizations, their clients or other organizations.


Tuition fees and financing the program

The deadline for enrolling in the EMScom program is January 15, 2017 and the tuition fee amounts to CHF 49'000.

An Early Bird Fee with a discount of CHF 5'000 applies to candidates submitting their application by September 30.

Self-funded candidates also have the possibility to apply for a personalized payment plan over 3 years at 0% interests.

For candidates living and working abroad, and being self-funded, the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management awards a limited number of scholarships covering 50% of the EMScom tuition fees. 


Discover more with our online information session

Please get in touch with us if you wish to learn more about the program. We will be happy to answer all questions that you may have, assisting you in making this life changing decision.